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In 2015, Friends For Global Change decided to get involved with local projects in their home city of Miami, FL. The group decided to start volunteering with the Miami Children’s Home Society. FFGC has been organizing holiday parties for the kids, which bring together several volunteers and children who live at the main CHS shelter and at various group homes. FFGC has also been known to host a pizza party here and there, which the kids always enjoy. 


Late in 2015, Friends For Global Change also began its partnership with KIND Birthdays, which is an organization that hosts birthday parties monthly for all of the children celebrating within that month. The children live at a shelter with their parents who are usually going through skills training classes to prepare them for life outside of the shelter. Due to the situations that their parents are in, many of the children have very limited interaction with people outside of the shelter other than when they go to school.


Friends For Global Change is continuing to expand its involvement in local projects in Miami.

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