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In 2015, Friends For Global Change decided to launch support in Haiti. We were introduced to Orphelinat Espoir d’enfants Haiti by a friend of ours. After speaking with the person who runs the orphanage, FFGC decided to host a collection drive and made its first trip to one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere. Several hundred pounds of donated clothing, medical supplies and hygiene products were distributed at the orphanage, which houses over 40 children. The group was so impacted by the visit that the decided to make this an ongoing effort. 


In 2016, after a couple of trips to Haiti, Friends For Global Change came across another orphanage, Kay St. Elen, which is home to over 200 children, including several which have mental and developmental disabilities. The group delivered donated items and spent time with some of the kids.


To date, Friends For Global Change has made several trips to Haiti and keeps expanding its support for both orphanages. FFGC has delivered over 1,000 pounds of donated items, plus solar panels which will be housed at Orphelinat Espoir d’enfants Haiti.

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