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        Ramesh Darji.

Eleven year old Nepali boy Ramesh Darji has a rare fungal disease that doctors have not been able to cure for several years. He cannot use his legs and several body parts have been severely affected by this disease. His only hope for treatment is going to a larger village with specialists, but his family does not have money for the transportation or the treatment. 

Friends For Global Change will be raising funds to help Ramesh receive treatment. 100% of the funds raised will go to the family.

Thank you for your help!


01/30/17. Less than a year ago, Ramesh couldn't walk and could barely be washed with water due to his skin condition and malnutrition. Today, after multiple surgeries and several people coming together to help him, he is walking! A HUGE thank you to everyone that has donated money, toys, clothing and time. Thank you to the clinics and the doctors. This is what it's all about... we will continue to post updates on Ramesh as we are still working on getting the land to build a house for him and his family #FFGC #MakingADifference #RameshDarji #Nepal #ThankYou

12/08/16. Ramesh update: We just got some pictures in and Ramesh is able to stand!! He has a follow up appointment early next year where the casts will hopefully come off and he will begin therapy using a walker. We are still working with his father to find the right piece of land to build an accessible house for Ramesh and his family. A HUGE THANK YOU to all of those who have been/are involved (donors, doctors, nurses, fundraisers, media, and all of Ramesh's supporters). This is what #MakingADifference is all about! #FFGC #Ramesh #Nepal

09/15/16. HQuick Ramesh update: Ramesh was seen by doctors today and will be having surgery next week if all goes according to plan. They will be removing the twisted bones and inserting rods in his legs. We will continue to post updates and as always, thank you everyone for your help!

05/09/16. Ramesh update: Good morning everyone! We have been in touch with Ramesh's family through our good friend Raju as doctors are still evaluating the best way to move forward. It appears that Ramesh will undergo surgery which will provide him a chance for partial mobility with assistance. If the surgery is not successful, there is a chance he may need prosthetics to at least better his quality of life. The family has spoken with several medical professionals and is making their decision amongst themselves as plenty of people have offered support with any decision that is made. We will hopefully be meeting with the family when we are in Nepal next month to evaluate the best ways that we can support them with the money that has been raised. We will continue to update everyone as we get more information as well as on the outcome of the surgery.

06/04/16. Hey everyone, we just received an update on Ramesh. He is doing much better regarding his skin condition and has been integrating with some of the kids at the house he is staying at. The doctors have increased the vitamins and medicine in hopes that they can get him healthy enough for surgery in a few months to help with his legs. Thanks to everyone for their continued support! ‪#‎FFGC‬ ‪#‎MakingADifference‬ ‪#‎LetsHelpRamesh‬

05/21/16. Ramesh is doing slightly better. Raju met with him and his father a few days ago and had the opportunity to spend time with them. His skin has been gradually improving with the medicines and vitamins. They are both staying at a home for disabled children in KTM while he receives further treatment. The doctors continue to monitor and evaluate him to identify next steps and to continue getting his body ready for surgery to help correct the bones and his vision. We will continue posting updates as we receive them.Thank you everyone who has contributed.

04/21/16. His skin is doing slightly better due to some vitamins he has been taking. He will be seen at the Kathmandu Medical College later this month and will be evaluated to see next steps. He will eventually need surgery once his body can handle it to correct some of the bone and vision issues. We are also partnering with the Joss Stone Foundation to raise funds to continue helping him and to hopefully get his family a place in KTM near the hospital.

02/21/16. After blood work and testing, the doctors have determined that Ramesh has a rare hereditary disease called Ichthyosis and has vitamin D and Calcium deficiencies due to malnutrition that have caused rickets. He is on vitamin supplements for the next several months, and the doctors will then try operating his leg so that he can walk again. As for the Ichthyosis, it is a permanent condition that cannot be cured but can be treated to help with some of the symptoms, including skin appearance. We will provide another update on next steps once we receive it and will be posting how FFGC will be helping. Thank you to all who have helped so far!


Jan 18, 2016- Eleven-year-old Ramesh Darji of Bhimgithe in Baglung district suffers from a rare fungal disease and his condition is getting worse as he gets older. 

Darji’s face and body parts have been ravaged by unusual skin fungus.His parents have been running from pillar to post in search of cure for their son’s bizarre condition.


“He cannot go to school due to his condition,” said Nar Kumari Darji, Ramesh’s mother. Darji family had taken Ramesh twice to the Baglung district hospital and once to a hospital in Butwal for treatment but of no avail.

“Doctors said that his treatment is possible in Chitwan. But we don’t have enough money to take him there,” Nar Kumari told the Post over telephone from her village.


Nar Kumar said that her son suffered from the disease right after his birth.  


“But we could do little to cure his disease. His condition is getting worse every year,” said Nar Kumari.    
Ramesh’s mother Nar Kumari can be contacted at:   9805207873. 



Published: 18-01-2016 12:59


Boy with rare skin disease seeks help 

- ROSHAN SEDHAI, Kathmandu


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